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Script Bitcoin Casino Platform from Crypto Soft

The bitcoin casino platform is the right solution for those operators who do not stand still and look to the future.
Backend System Yes
Multilingual Yes
$499 $3,000

Categories: Casino Scripts, Live Casino, Casino Slots

Tags: casino, bitcoin, casino software, bitcoin casino, blockchain, casino engine, online casino, demo cryptocurrency casino, crypto casino platform

Order this script and get as gift a virutal private server to host your online casino script

The bitcoin casino platform is the right solution for those operators who do not stand still and look to the future. The Crypto Soft system will allow you to accept payments and make payments in popular cryptocurrencies directly and with the help of cryptoprocessing. Each spin of any player can be verified in the blockchain browser, which guarantees maximum trust from users. And the absence of linking altcoins to banks and countries will significantly save you money on transaction fees

Advantages of the Bitcoin Casino platform

Low price and fast installation time, which allows you to develop a cryptocurrency casino in a short time and save on it;
An open integrity check. Players can check the balance of the casino in the blockchain at any time and calculate the real percentage of winnings for each game by compiling their own RTP metric;
Acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies and little—known altcoins, the total number of coin varieties is more than 10;
Savings on transactions, unlike standard fiat processing;
The ability to customize the design, language and connection of additional modules, including hybrid operation of the platform with an opaque part (standard casino platform, sports betting);
The ability to connect a key generator in any form convenient for you for cold storage.

Number of games 3000 pcs.
Integrity check on smart contracts
There are bonuses
There is content management
There are marketing tools (SMS, Push, e-mail, call center)
Affiliate program internal and external
Payment systems of more than 10 cryptocurrencies
Integration and configuration is
Additional modules sports betting, smart contract tournaments, partner modules

Backend System Yes
Multilingual Yes

2 reviews for Script Bitcoin Casino Platform from Crypto Soft

  • ByJanuary 7, 2023 11:00
    Excellent script! I recommend it!
    • ByDecember 15, 2022 07:17
      Propably the most equipped with all kind of features and functional casino script on the internet, I just love it!! Also great support from those guys for the Installation Service!
      With this product also bought